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NFL Alumni Set to Empower Retired NFL Players with Web3 via New Partnership with Aventus

The National Football League Alumni (NFLA) is the oldest, most well-known and well-respected retired player organization in professional sports, with membership comprising thousands of retired players, coaches, front office executives, spouses, cheerleaders, and avid fans.

Customer Challenge:

Formed to serve its retired players, members and their families, the NFLA is a springboard to success in later life. with that mission in mind, the NFLA wanted a partnership to empower retired NFL players by providing them with new revenue streams and direct-to-fan communication with no geographical barriers – supporting its wider mission of “caring for our own.”

With Aventus:

The National Football League Alumni is partnering with Aventus to bring a complete web3 experience. Web3 is the next iteration of the internet, leveraging blockchain technology to empower users with ownership and control. For the NFLA, a web3 experience would include digital collectibles and metaverse-based experiences.

Digital collectibles will not only give fans a piece of NFL history but also offer a range of rewards and benefits:

  • Signed merchandise 
  • Physical and metaverse-based experiences with some of the most well-respected NFL players in history
  • The ability to shape the future of the project by allowing owners of the digital collectibles  to vote on key decisions like future NFT drops

Brad Edwards, CEO of NFL Alumni, said: “For almost 60 years, our mission has been to empower players in their post-NFL lives. This strategic partnership with Aventus enables us to even further expand our ability to achieve this mission, construct a more robust alumni-player NIL (name, image, likeness) vertical, and future-proof the work we do for generations to come. The team at Aventus has made the process of understanding all the benefits that web3 can offer our players and fans seamless, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together.” 

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