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our reliable and scalable blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform drives innovation, streamlines operations and unlocks new opportunities for growth for commercial and consumer companies

product market
fit validation
seamless integration of web2
and web3 strategies


our team of developers, engineers and blockchain specialists have unmatched skill in bringing the best version of your vision to life

our approach


& customize

customize a SaaS-style product to your unique needs and goals from our extensive suite of flexible, scalable and secure technology


& manage

maintain and manage your solution - so you can focus on what you do best 


enterprise-grade tech

we have invested extensively in our flexible, scalable and secure suite of technology

externally audited

external auditors regularly review our technology and we implement best practices for software development and operation

completely customizable

with white labeling and customization, our products are a seamless extension of your brand, and you own all your data and customers


we offer a range of bolt-ons to our marketplaces, including:

  • crypto and fiat payment gateways
  • custody
  • insurance
  • fraud protection
  • world-leading marketing services

our products

enhanced blockchain-as-a-service

we customize, deploy and maintain enterprise-grade blockchain-as-a-service for enterprises across major cloud environments (such as AWS).

this infrastructure allows for (but does not necessitate) permissioned control, meaning that all new validators (transaction processors) can only join the network if they have permission from the existing validators.

typically, various blockchains combine and share data to fulfill the technical requirements of the use cases they are being deployed for.

in addition, these networks do not remain siloed. they can move assets to and from other major blockchains (for example, Ethereum) in a controlled manner and leverage the functionality in other ecosystems securely. this enables them to benefit from the security and scalability of permissioned blockchains as well as the value creation and network effect of public blockchains – the best of both worlds.

white label
NFT platform

our white label NFT marketplace comprises a general-purpose infrastructure that enables and supports businesses to create their own bespoke NFT marketplace. it also leverages the power of NFTs quickly and easily, with no technical expertise needed, with the support of our world-leading industry and tech experts.

it empowers businesses to generate new revenue streams and engage with new and existing audiences.

we also offer customizable bolt-ons, including AML/KYC, crypto and fiat payment gateway options, and world-leading marketing services, ensuring that the client’s NFT platform and strategy support wider business goals and priorities.

this includes an API to access both sides of the solution: the NFT minting and transfer functionality, and the data store for the IP itself with the key management solution for custodial marketplaces based on Hashicorp Vault.

gateway API

the gateway API is the fastest, least expensive and most convenient way to interact with client blockchain. it provides a familiar web API entry point to our blockchain networks for integrating third-party applications and building new products. businesses can reap the benefits within a matter of days or even hours.

via the gateway, users can create accounts, submit required volumes and transactions to the network and query the blockchain state.

the gateway operates on enterprise-grade SLAs, built on architecture that ensures its availability and robustness.

key features include:

  • pay for transaction fees on behalf of your users to improve user experience
  • load balancing and status updates to ensure your transactions are processed correctly
  • requests via HTTPs, authenticated by our custom implementation using timestamps, Aventus Web Token (AWT)
  • enterprise SLAs
  • manage NFTs, staking and crypto tokens, and much more
  • moving assets between various blockchains (for example, Ethereum and Polkadot)

for clients seeking to create a democratized governance mechanism over items relating to their networks, we provide a user-friendly interface that allows for creating and voting on proposals. one vote is equivalent to one token (FT or NFT) owned.

this type of functionality is core in the evolving field called decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).