B2B Ticketing Software, Using blockchain & AI, More control & efficiency, Less fraud & overhead

Our B2B ticketing software infrastructure uses the blockchain and artificial intelligence to solve some of the biggest problems in ticket sale and resale. We are building an open-source standard for the whole industry that lets ticketing companies and other vendors focus on their core value propositions.

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Introducing Aventus

Control the entire lifecycle of your tickets in a modular and flexible manner with our open source blockchain-based system.

Reach a wider audience

No more empty seats; open up your ticketing inventory to new sales channels and let anyone with an audience sell your tickets frictionlessly, adhering to your rules.

New revenue streams

Derive a whole new revenue stream from secondary ticketing markets, increasing your bottom line.

Stop touting; cap resale prices

Control unregulated touting by setting price caps on resale, making both your event clients and customers happier.

No more fraud

Our proprietary blockchain-based protocol dramatically reduces black market activity.

Dramatically reduced costs

Reduce costs by up to 90%* with our light-weight, modular, blockchain-based protocol.

Standardise the buying process

Reduce consumer confusion; with the blockchain, anyone can see who owns a ticket and where they are buying from at any time.

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Our product offering

See what Aventus has to offer today.

Blockchain as Persistence

A REST API that allows any ticketing company with a payment gateway to store or replicate tickets and all associated logic onto the blockchain. Control the secondary market; set price caps and derive revenue, or stop all forms of touting and resale altogether.


A platform for ticketing companies and promoters that enables centralised control, reporting, data analytics, and distribution tools for all ticketing inventory. This product is currently in beta.

Data Analytics

We are building tools for analysing large amounts of consumer data to provide ongoing or campaign-based insight and reporting for ticketing companies and promoters. This tool is largely in alpha and we are looking for partners to help shape its development.

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Control the entire ticketing lifecycle

Experience a rudimentary version of the Aventus protocol; create an event and its tickets, define your secondary market, and sell/re-sell/redeem these tickets in a sandbox environment.

Visualise the protocol activity as it happens

Access a data sample with the Aventus protocol visualiser, which shows the creation of events and tickets, and eventually the sale, re-sale, and redemption of tickets created in the alpha all in real time.

A new version is coming

Our team is working hard to bring you The Alpha+, the next iteration of the alpha. If you are interested in helping us shape the product, get in touch.

The network is powered by AVT, the Aventus utility token, which was distributed in a public token sale on September 7, 2017.

&nbps; Million Dollars raised
&nbps; Million Tokens Sold
&nbps; Token buyers
&nbps; Community members
Team and Advisors

Meet the core team members

Alan Vey
Director and Co-Founder
MEng Computing with AI, Imperial College London. Thesis in Ethereum-based film rights distribution with BAFTA and the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research & Engineering.
Annika Monari
Director and Co-Founder
MSci Physics, Imperial College London. Thesis in particle detection using artificial intelligence at CMS, CERN and the High Energy Physics Group, Imperial.
Andy Grant
Chief Technology Officer
Over a decade experience as CTO of various ticketing technology companies including TicketLogic and GlueWorks.
Daniel Masters
General Advisor
Chairman of the investment manager for the first fully regulated crypto fund and other group initiatives in technology ventures.
Professor William Knottenbelt
Technical Advisor
Professor of applied quantitative analysis in computing, Imperial College London. Also director of the Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering Centre at Imperial.
Professor Mike Waterson
Industry & Economic Advisor
Professor of industrial economics at Warwick University. Expert in U.K. secondary ticketing after publishing a report for the government's BIS and DCMS.
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