Aventus Makes it better to build on Ethereum

Ethereum fees are at an all time high and scalability is limited to just 13 transactions per second. That’s not enough.  

Aventus Network is a layer-2 scaling solution that brings the scale of a permissioned blockchain with the security and interoperability of public blockchains — with none of the drawbacks of either world. 

Benefits of Aventus


The Aventus Network (AvN) can theoretically scale to 2,000 transactions per second. This is 133 times more than Ethereum.


The average transaction cost on the Aventus Network will begin at just $0.01 (paid in AVT) and decrease over time. This is 99% cheaper than the average Ethereum transaction fee over the past year. 


The AvN will process a token transfer within 0.13 seconds. This is 100 times faster than the Ethereum blockchain.

Enterprise Grade 

The AvN will onboard a minimum of 8.5 million client transactions that have been active in private test networks throughout the past year.

Key Use Cases

Ethereum has scalability issues that make it a victim of its own success. As the blockchain network of choice for most businesses, its maximum transaction throughput is wildly insufficient in meeting demand. The economics of supply and demand have thus skyrocketed transaction fees making them prohibitively expensive. 

The Aventus Network (AvN) solves that problem by letting businesses build on top of the Ethereum network with Aventus’ second-layer protocol. With the AvN, applications can easily work with any other promising blockchain tech, cross-chain, by plugging into the Polkadot ecosystem, building on Substrate.

  • Financial Assets

    The Aventus Network has countless applications in financial assets management from traditional to digital markets. Through the digitisation of assets, the AvN, can drastically improve settlement times and auditability. With new markets like decentralised finance growing rapidly — with more than $13.6bn in contributed assets in 2020 — use cases here are promising. Source

  • Supply Chains

    Supply chain use cases focus on the provenance of goods through supply chains and are rapidly gaining momentum — especially with the emergency of COVID and the increased need for secure tracking and auditability of items as they move between various locations or states of development.

  • Rewards and Loyalty

    From faster settlement between earn and burn partners, to lower transaction fees and improved transparency for scheme operators, the applications for AvN are vast and making a significant impact. For a more tangible use case, have a look at our success stories section with Cashback App.

  • Live Entertainment

    COVID-19 has wrecked the live entertainment industry. This has led to rapid growth in live streaming offers. The AvN allowed for the secure delivery of copy-proof tickets fans so they can enjoy the experience at home without getting ripped off by the secondary market. To see more information check out one of the companies in the Aventus ecosystem, Live From Media. Link to Livefrom.events.

  • Data Integrity

    Various applications are improving the access permissions and audit trails associated with data, increasing security, and simplifying the reconciliation of various data sources by creating a backbone of interoperability.

  • Decentralised Application

    A new form of applications are being built on Ethereum allowing all sorts of new and exciting opportunities. New video games have been created like crypto kitties, or market places facilitating all sorts of commerce like in game items, various new gambling platforms or even stable coins (fiat money represented on blockchain).


Success Stories

up to 25% net margin increase

Aventus helped CashbackAPP increase their net margins by as much as 25% in just 6 months in multiple business jurisdictions. As a business that gives users cashback on purchases, they were able to restructure their loyalty debt obligation on their balance sheet, reduce transaction fees, and improve treasury management while providing customers with more prompt payment.

Aventus Network 
8.5 million transactions  

Having now launched, the Aventus Network already has more than 8.5 million guaranteed transactions ready to process from previous products and initial test networks. Each of the 8.5m transactions will earn AVT holders who participate in the validator registration program a set fee. Any AVT holder can become a validator today. 

The Core Team

Alan Vey

Co-founder & CEO

Anna Frankowska

Chief Commercial Officer

Andrey Brozhko

Chief Product Officer

Daniel Masters

Investor & Advisor

William Knottenbelt