Aventus Makes it better to build on Ethereum

Ethereum fees are at an all time high and scalability is limited to just 13 transactions per second. 

That’s not enough

Aventus Network is a layer-2 solution that brings the scale and privacy of a permissioned blockchain with the security and interoperability of public blockchains — with none of the drawbacks of either.



The average transaction cost on the Aventus Network is currently $0.01 (paid in AVT). This is not only 99% cheaper than the average Ethereum transaction fee over the past year, but also predictable by solving transaction price volatility.


The Aventus Network (AvN) can currently theoretically scale to 2,000 transactions per second — 133 times more than Ethereum. The AvN will process a token transfer within 0.13 seconds — 100 times faster than the Ethereum blockchain.

Enterprise Grade  

The AvN is onboarding over 18 million transactions from clients active on private test networks over the last year. All current and future transactions will flow through the main net as well. You can find full transparency of all Aventus Network traffic and fees at


Ethereum competitors exist, as well as other private / permissioned networks,  creating disconnected silos of value. Aventus builds using substrate, which makes it simple to become a parachain and benefit from full Polkadot interoperability.

Use Cases 

The potential applications of the Aventus Network are vast. The network lets organisations ranging from NFTs and supply chain coordinators through to customer rewards schemes and live entertainment companies easily develop and implement efficient, highly secure, and future-proof blockchain solutions.

With the Aventus Network, applications can easily work with any other promising blockchain tech, cross-chain, by plugging into the Polkadot ecosystem and building on Substrate.

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

    Our latest solution is for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This is an area in decentralised finance that is rapidly growing, digitally representing ownership in a highly tradable and secure format, allowing marketplaces and more complex financial products to be built around NFTs. This can include anything from collectables, tickets, art, and more.

  • Live Entertainment

    We have two applications of the AvN in Live Entertainment: 1) Ticketing for events. This solves issues around fraud and secondary market activity and ultimately ensures control over tickets for organisers. 2) Live streaming. Securing access rights to a stream through a blockchain ticket.

  • Loyalty Schemes

    Loyalty schemes can be represented on blockchain with various benefits, including but not limited to: reducing the balance sheet obligation for loyalty providers, improved UX for customers with more liquid / transferable points, and new economic models for monetisation. We are active across eight territories globally in loyalty, mostly with cash back solutions.

  • Supply Chains / Provenance

    We have use cases in supply chains across two major categories. 1) Commodities where gold is sold while in the ground, the funds being used to extract the gold and move it through the supply chain tracing it until refined. 2) A marketplace for negotiation of soft commodities (mostly agrifoods) and management of the complex supply chain agreements.

  • Video Games

    Our solutions in video games fall into two categories: 1) In game currencies where users perform some notion of ‘work’ to earn the token and the tokenomics are structured to incentivise behaviour, typically adoption and increased usage of the platform. 2) Trading collectables (e.g. swords or skins) which are represented by NFTs, with the key value add being if you lose your account you do not lose ownership of the precious items you have created. In some use cases, this allows the transfer of the items outside the game platform.

  • More coming!

    We are exploring and developing new Aventus Network (AvN) use cases all the time where there is market demand and it makes commercial sense. Potential use cases for AvN are as vast as the use cases for businesses and dApps that want to build on Ethereum. In that sense, what begins with NFTs, supply chain management, live entertainment, gaming, and loyalty, can quickly progress into the worlds of finance, advertising, identity management, sports, and beyond.


We are eager to support Alan and the team at Aventus to integrate more closely with the Polkadot Ecosystem. We invest primarily with strong teams with exemplary dedication and character, and I cannot think of anyone more committed to delivering useful, interoperable solutions than Aventus. Their organic decision to first build on Substrate because of the tech stack, then work with us to join the community dedicated to multichain interoperability, is a testament to the power of Substrate, and will unlock tremendous value for stakeholders. We’re confident that – with our expertise and investment – Aventus will ensure true interoperability with the Polkadot ecosystem, setting an example for others in this space to follow.

Mark Cachia

Founder at Scytale Ventures

The blockchain community has flourished over the last two years and so has the variety of services blockchains provide. The next challenge facing the community is making interoperability between blockchain networks a reality. This is precisely what Aventus’ integration into the Polkadot network will enable, bringing the speed, security and long-term cross-compatibility required for Aventus to work seamlessly with the wider blockchain community. We can’t wait to see where this takes Aventus – the possibilities are endless.

Gavin Wood

Founder of Polkadot

For many years, I have been a firm believer that blockchain has a truly transformative potential for businesses across a range of sectors, and be a committed advocate for projects that can enable its widespread adoption. Aventus is at the cutting-edge of what can be achieved with blockchain and I am delighted to be supporting the project during this crucial time in its growth. It is no secret that Ethereum, though an extremely powerful tool for businesses, has a number of limitations – from speed and efficiency through to cost and scalability. Aventus’ solution mitigates these issues by design and will enable companies who always dismissed blockchain as being too expensive or too slow to rethink their conclusions. With its huge potential and wide applications, I am excited to see how the Aventus network grows and develops over the coming months.

Danny Masters

Executive Chairman of CoinShares

The Parity NFT Marketplace will put women athletes at the forefront of technology, business and sport, rather than having them as an all-too common afterthought. Our marketplace will deliver initial revenue when NFTs are first sold and provide ongoing revenue for athletes each time their NFT is sold on the secondary market. The Aventus team understood the ambitious scope of our vision from the outset, and their technical knowledge is unmatched. The Legends Series is an exciting beginning to our collaboration.

Alana Casner

Parity Vice President of Athlete Content and Strategy

At cashbackAPP, we were always extremely interested in how blockchain technology could enable our business to run more smoothly. Using fiat currency on a rewards programme like ours leads to several complex problems – most notably our ability to transfer money between businesses and registered users quickly and efficiently. Before Aventus, we had always been reticent to start using a blockchain solution, deterred by the high bar to entry in terms of cost and the ever-slowing speed of traditional Ethereum.

Bish Smeir

CEO of cashbackAPP

The fruitlab community has already grown significantly over the last two years and the tokenisation of the PIP is the next exciting step in our journey. The fruitlab web and app proposition for gamers is, we believe, highly attractive and it will only be further enhanced by the strategic move of tokenising the PIP with a view to bringing even more value to players and content creators. The partnership between fruitlab and Aventus Network will bring the speed and cost-consistency required for further scaling of the PIP ecosystem. We are confident in the appetite for a universal gaming token which can be used for trading NFTs and staked in competitive gameplay for value – we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Anthony Fabrizi

Chairman of fruitlab

The launch of our governance platform ensures that every AVT holder now has a say in deciding the future of Aventus Network. This is part of our wider ethos of driving transparency and robustness in all our activities. Not only do we believe that this is an important step for our Network – we believe this approach is the natural next step for blockchain as the technology matures and its use-cases expand. We are 100% committed to being community-led and look forward to engaging directly with our token holders.

Alan Vey

CEO of Aventus




Alan Vey

Co-founder & CEO

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Chief Technology and Product Officer

Andrew Shackleton

Chief Services Officer

Alex Pinto

Cryptography SME

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Software Architect

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Ethereum SME

Danny Masters

Investor & Mentor

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Advisor & Mentor

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