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Gaming Social Network Fruitlab Grows Its User Base by 25% with Aventus

Fruitlab is a head-to-head video game streaming platform for AAA video games.  It boasts over 850k users live on the platform in over 90 countries.

Customer Challenge:

Fruitlab approached Aventus to improve user engagement through web3 with its existing loyalty program. Despite its size, the gaming community lacks effective mechanisms for gamers to earn rewards from video content and engage in valuable grassroots competitive gameplay.

With Aventus:

Aventus helped Fruitlab by creating and launching its token – PIPs. PIPs are tokens for gamers that provide a secure method for creators to monetize content posted on Fruitlab and for PIPs to be used to compete against each other for value.

Fruitlab users can earn, trade and sell PIPs, creating a universal play-to-earn framework. PIPs are fairly distributed to users and creators based on their activity on Fruitlab. Users earn PIPs for watching and posting content. This ensures consistent earnings for creators and clear incentives for the community. earned PIPs become tradeable for regular currency via the PIP secondary market or by purchasing goods in the Fruitlab shop. The partnership with Aventus enabled Fruitlab to tokenize PIPs on the blockchain to ensure the long-term scalability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Fruitlab.

Following the launch of the PIP token, Fruitlab users increased from 600k to 750k in one quarter.

To date, over 1.3m user-generated videos have been uploaded, with over 650m views generating 7.6b PIPs.

Cameron Leslie, Managing Director at Fruitlab, said: “The Aventus framework has opened the door for us, giving us a truly scalable, simple solution with the flexibility we need. It’s been very easy to integrate PIP into the Aventus network, and NFTs are now firmly on our roadmap.”

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