Our Products

We have two products: Aventus Network and Aventus Classic. Aventus Network is a second-layer scaling solution that makes building on the Ethereum network cheaper, faster, more secure. Aventus Classic is a live entertainment ticketing protocol on Ethereum. 

Aventus Network

Any organisation that has built on the Ethereum network knows that there are problems with scalability, privacy, and prohibitively expensive gas fees. Aventus Network changes that. It lets any business or organisation build on Ethereum at scale while reducing costs and maintaining decentralisation. 

Aventus Network takes over from the former release — the Aventus Protocol — and is the first step towards the full rollout of the AvN. The full three-stage rollout is described in the terms and conditions of the Validator Registration Program.

AVT holders have the opportunity to act as transaction validators for any of 10 AvN nodes. In exchange, the Validator Smart Contract (Ethereum validator registration smart contract) will let validators withdraw their proportional share of transaction fees earned on a monthly basis. 

You can find more information on the Validators Registration Programme here.

Use your AVT to claim your share of rewards!

AVT validator registration is now open. It’s quick and easy. To become a validator, simply fill out the short form below and follow the ‘How To’ guide.

IMPORTANT: Terms and conditions apply. AVT sent to the smart contract with invalid registration data may be unrecoverable.

    Earn Fees With Your AVT As A Transaction Validator

    • Each node will have a total of 250,000 Aventus Tokens (AVT) to validate transactions. 
    • Guaranteed minimum of 8.5m historic transactions on the Aventus Network (AvN).
    • Rewards are proportionate to AVT associated to a node 
    • This will be at an average of $0.01 per transaction

    AVT – Aventus Token

    AVT is the native utility token in the Aventus Network. Its use case is similar to any Proof of Stake system. Validators (or transaction processors) stake the token to ensure they can be penalised if they behave fraudulently. Users (or transaction originators) but the token to pay fees to the Validtors for providing the processing service. Furthermore AVT holders will be able to vote on governance of the Aventus Network once fully rolled out, to approve new updates to the platform or amend system parameters.

    It has a total fixed supply of 10,000,000.

    Full details and transparency is on Etherscan:

    Aventus Classic

    Aventus Classic was the original product release from Aventus back in 2018 which fully satisfied the original whitepaper. 

    It is an Ethereum-based ticketing protocol designed to alleviate fraud and ticketing in the event ticketing industry. 

    Aventus Classic is live and available for use — including the decentralised governance aspects for AVT token holders.

    For more information about Aventus Classic please visit: 

    Further information: