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February 28, 2023

Nexos Technologies and Aventus to Bring Blockchain Solutions for Digital Payments and Banking Services

Together, Aventus and Nexos will bring breakthrough Web3 technologies to banking and payments world

London, February 28, 2023: Aventus, a Web3 solutions provider for enterprises, has partnered with Nexos Technologies, a digital payments and banking platform providing open banking and payment solutions, in order to bring blockchain-enabled solutions to the digital banking and payments sector.

Nexos Technologies has deep domain expertise in traditional and mobile banking applications, settlement, BSA/AMLcompliance and technology designs, and Aventus is a leader in next-generation blockchain technologies and applications, working with global Fortune 100 companies to bring them into Web3.

Together, Aventus and Nexos will  combine their respective industry-leading expertise and technologies to explore the design, technology, settlement and regulatory requirements of fiat-crypto data and payments bridges. These bridges, which will link various fiat payment and banking infrastructures to the Aventus blockspace, will enable the duo to develop a hybrid distributed ledger technology protocol and platform to deliver digital banking and payment enabled services for both conventional businesses and uses cases as well as new emerging businesses and Web3 ecosystems.  

The partnership will focus primarily on opportunities for existing U.S. and OECD banking, payments and certain qualified securities regulated frameworks. The product roadmap includes potential registered tokenized money market instruments, real-time on and off-chain transaction execution in fiat, digital dollar and certain eligible crypto currencies, and the further development of layer 1 and layer 2 programmable blockspace.          

Alan Vey, Founder & CEO, Aventus, comments: “This partnership with Nexos marks a significant milestone in Aventus’ roadmap to bringing blockchain to businesses. With one in four enterprises anticipated to interact with customers and partners via Web3 by 2024, the time is now to capitalize on the technology. Nexos’ focus on innovation will place them well as a leader of their industry, and we’re excited to partner with them in this important step to future-proof their operations and really bring the world of traditional payments into the twenty-first century.”

Gordon Baird, CEO, Nexos Technologies, adds: “Like many, we are cautious of adopting blockchain given the turbulence of the past year, particularly working in a highly regulated industry.  However, we are optimistic and excited about its potential.  Our team has successfully launched multiple responsible innovative solutions at major financial institutions worldwide over the past three decades and are excited about partnering with Aventus. Aventus has taken the time to get under the hood of our industry and really understand the regulatory requirements, but also the potential for massive growth and improvements in operational efficiencies. The team has recommended blockchain use cases that align with our goal of making reliable trusted financial services available to all at reasonable and transparent prices. The enterprise-grade technology, experienced team and personal approach has given us great confidence in Aventus as our blockchain partner.”

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