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April 13, 2021

Live Nation SAS (France) Turns to FanDragon’s Aventus-powered Blockchain Technology to Launch New Fan Engagement Platform

New digital wallet service will deliver hundreds of thousands of tickets a year directly to fans via Aventus technology

London, April 8,2021: Aventus and FanDragon Technologies today announced the launch of TixTo.Me in partnership with the French office of the worldwide entertainment leader, Live Nation SAS (France). This new digital entertainment wallet is designed to create new opportunities for Live Nation clients to engage, communicate and reward fans before, during and after their events.

Using FanDragon’s Universal Smart Ticket WalletTM technology, TixTo.Me brings all tickets and vouchers into one secure place, regardless of where they were purchased. Organisations and artists using the service can now deliver digital tickets, special offers, updates and content directly to ticket holders.

The service is built on Aventus technology – a 2nd-layer blockchain protocol that brings scalability, speed and lower costs to Ethereum transactions. Tickets and Vouchers will be processed via the Aventus Networ, where network participants ensure that they are secure. This will also enable faster, more secure, and transparent ticketing for Live Nation France.

Initially, FanDragon will deliver hundreds of thousands of tickets per year for Live Nation France via the wallet, with the potential for significant future growth. The transactions will be processed on the AvN through a combination of fungible (FT) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Alan Rakov, FanDragon’s CEO, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Live Nation SAS (France). as an early adopter of our Universal Smart Ticket WalletTM product that opens up new engagement opportunities for fans before, during and after events.  Live Nation SAS (France) were amazing partners in deploying a solution that benefits everyone from the artist to the fans - and all the players in between. The FanDragon and Aventus teams continue to collaborate closely. Both are passionate about combining the scale and privacy of permissioned blockchains with the security and independence of open blockchains to transform the world of mobile ticketing.”

Alan Vey, Founder and CEO of Aventus, said: “Blockchain has always been a natural solution to many big challenges faced by the ticketing industry – from eliminating fraud and ticket touts through to enabling proof of purchase and cleaning up the resale market. We are delighted to be working alongside leading brands like FanDragon and Live Nation SAS (France) to add value to their business and to help get tickets in the hands (or wallets) of real fans. This partnership is a huge vote of confidence in both our technology and approach to using Ethereum creatively.”

Eloi Blodeau, Live Nation SAS (France)’s CIO, said: “We were looking for a way to connect with ticket holders for events postponed by COVID-19 and keep fans entertained while waiting for news of a rescheduled date. FanDragon worked with us to create a simple mobile application with which we can aggregate fans into one location and instantly deliver messages, media and tickets. It’s also an innovative solution with many future opportunities to create and test new revenue generation ideas.”

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