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March 6, 2023

Aventus February Update

February saw exciting developments across all areas at Aventus, including tech, partnerships and more. Catch up with everything we’ve been up to over the last month below:

Tech Updates

  • We launched our new Lowering DApp, which allows holders of any tokens created on the Aventus Network (including AVT, PIP and VOW), to move their tokens from the Aventus Network to Ethereum, as part of our mission to make interacting with the Aventus Network as easy, decentralised and autonomous as possible. You can find out more here.
  • We have recently launched a proposal on Polkassembly to gather feedback from the Polkadot community on whether to extend and enhance the Aventus Gateway’s API to support Polkadot relay chain and all its parachains. More details here.
  • Last year, our community voted in a governance proposal to split the current AVT tokens in circulation in order to increase total supply. We shared an important update on this here.

Partnerships & Announcements

  • We announced a partnership with Nexos Technologies, a digital payments and banking platform providing open banking and payment solutions, in order to bring blockchain-enabled solutions to the digital banking and payments sector. Find out more here.
  • We also shared client spotlights on CashbackAPP and Fruitlab, highlighting how our technology is applied in practice, and the ROI it generates.

Press & Thought Leadership

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