Use Cases


For enterprises, NFTs form part of a loyalty offering, allow businesses to generate new revenue streams, engage wider audiences and increase customer stickiness over the long term.

A considered NFT strategy with a well thought through roadmap and NFT utility can allow a business to optimize customer acquisition cost to lifetime value ratio with its customer base. 

Aventus offers enterprise-grade whitelabel NFT platform infrastructure on the Aventus Network. It enables and supports businesses in creating their own bespoke NFT marketplace, and can include customizable bolt-ons including AML/KYC, crypto and fiat payment gateways and world-leading marketing services.



The online gaming industry is ideally suited for the introduction of an industry-recognized, widely-held, limited supply utility token for the purpose of an intra-community payment system. Gamers are highly familiar with in-game value units with in-game economies now being built into most game ecosystems.

FruitLab is a head-to-head gaming platform for AAA video games (e.g. Fortnite) with social media capabilities and NFT collectables with over 750k users live on the platform in over 90 countries.

Aventus enabled the conversion of Fruitlab’s loyalty program through the Aventus Network to deliver PIP, a token that Fruitlab platform users can earn, trade and sell, creating a universal play-to-earn framework for gaming and content, and supported Fruitlab through the launch process.



Every year, consumers spend two trillion dollars’ worth of merchant promises in the form of discount vouchers, points, cashback and gift cards – but delivery is often slow and inefficient.

Additionally, these schemes, which are centrally controlled, also expose consumer data, like spending patterns. And for merchants, cashback rewards are liabilities on their balance sheet, since they owe their customers the value of the rewards.

CashbackAPP is a loyalty operator which integrates 27 financial services organizations such as Visa who process POS transactions for up to 90% of the world’s merchants, and is active across 11 countries with over 100k live earn and burn locations and over 12M linked customers.

With a solution advised on by Aventus and executed on the Aventus Network, CashbackAPP now provides much more efficient loyalty schemes, restructuring how loyalty points are handled on the balance sheet of the issuing entity, and improving the user experience for customers via instant payout with no fees.




Blockspace-as-a-Service is a cloud-based service for complex enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

Aventus provides a blockspace-as-a-service offering, offering high-quality blockspace, interoperable with most major blockchains and customized towards enterprise use cases. 

This means applications don’t need to build multiple different blockchains or maintain multiple systems – they can simply rent blockspace to meet its business-specific features and benefits in an interoperable and efficient manner.

ASX Sports is the world’s first fantasy sports platform with live in-game trading. ASX needed a way to be able to track transactions in a secure manner, as well as expand its product offering to enable its users to create, buy, sell and trade NFTs within the platform.

Aventus created a permissioned version of the Aventus Network for ASX. The ASX Sports blockchain allows for interoperability with Ethereum and Polkadot, while maintaining control and enhancing security with blockchain.