Market Overview

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Architecture Overview

The Aventus Network is a layer 1 (parachain) on Polkadot:

The below diagram depicts the various layers of the Aventus stack and how it operates with the other ecosystem applications:

Major Milestones

The public launch of the Aventus Network takes over from the former release — the Aventus Protocol — and is the first step towards the full rollout of the AvN. The three-stage rollout is described in the terms and conditions of the Validator Registration Program. We are following the Polkadot launch process given we build on Substrate: Polkadot’s open source blockchain.



The Aventus Token (AVT) is the fuel of the network that aligns the economic incentives of the participants. It is a
standard proof of stake model: validators (people running the Aventus code processing transactions) have to stake
AVT – which they lose if they act in a way that damages the network.

Businesses and users (people sending transactions) pay fees that validators earn. AVT can also be used by holders in staking and governance.

The token has a total fixed, circulating supply of 10,000,000 AVT. Full details and transparency is on Etherscan: Here