Aventus Network

For clients that aren’t ready to leverage a blockspace offering of their own, we created an instantiation of its blockspace offering called the Aventus Network, where clients can trial the solution.


Major Milestones

The public launch of the Aventus Network takes over from the former release — the Aventus Protocol — and is the first step towards the full rollout of the AvN. The three-stage rollout is described in the terms and conditions of the Validator Registration Program. We are following the Polkadot launch process given we build on Substrate: Polkadot’s open source blockchain.



The Aventus Token (AVT) is the fuel of the network that aligns the economic incentives of the participants. It is a
standard proof of stake model: validators (people running the Aventus code processing transactions) have to stake
AVT – which they lose if they act in a way that damages the network.

Businesses and users (people sending transactions) pay fees that validators earn. AVT can also be used by holders in staking and governance.

The token has a total fixed, circulating supply of 10,000,000 AVT. Full details and transparency is on Etherscan: Here