About the Aventus Grant Program

The Aventus Grant Program aims to provide funding to developers and enterprises to support them in realising our vision of a decentralised, open source blockchain , whilst also helping secure and grow the Aventus Network.


  • Wallet
  • Decentralised Exchange (DEX)
  • Automated Liquidity
  • Alternative NFT Auction Mechanics

Benefits of the Aventus Grant Program


Funding from the Aventus Grant Program will help you bring your vision to life.

Technical Support

Our team of experts will be on hand to support you in developing your project.

Developer Tools

Your team will have access to a powerful suite of cutting-edge developer tools.


Members of the Aventus Grant Program will have the opportunity to network with each other, as well as make connections within the wider Aventus Ecosystem.

Our Grant Process


Application Form

    Project Details

    Team Details

    About You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the Aventus Grant Program?

      The Aventus Grant Program offers financial backing to blockchain projects that would like to benefit from the speed and scalability of operating on the Aventus Network.

    • Who can apply for a grant from Aventus?

      Anyone can apply for an Aventus Grant. This includes individuals, businesses and enterprises, independent teams, governments, nonprofits, universities, and academics.

    • How do I apply for an Aventus Grant?

      Simply hit the ‘Apply Now’ button and complete the application form.

      Please make sure you complete all sections and add as much detail as you can.

    • Are there any application fees?

      No, it is free to apply.

    • How long does the process take from start to finish?

      The process will take no longer than 4 weeks from start to finish.

    • What categories can I apply for?

      Currently, we are only accepting wallet and decentralised exchange (DEX) applications. As our need for projects in other areas grows we will look to expand this.

    • Is the grant program open all year round?

      Yes, you can apply for the grant program at anytime unless the grant program page states otherwise.

    • What happens once I submit my application?

      Once you have submitted your application, it will be forwarded to our team for review. If our team likes the look of your project, then the project details will be shared with our community and we will put forward a proposal for the community to vote on which, if it passes, means that you will receive a grant from us to build your project on the Aventus Network.