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February 27, 2023

Discussion On Aventus’ Polkadot Grant Proposal Now Open

As a parachain on Polkadot, one of our key priorities is making the Polkadot ecosystem as efficient and useful as possible.

We have recently launched a proposal on Polkassembly to gather feedback from the Polkadot community on whether to extend and enhance the Aventus Gateway’s API to support Polkadot relay chain and all its parachains.

The Aventus Gateway API provides a way for web2/web3 application developers to incorporate state-of-the-art blockchain services into their architecture without needing to directly manage wallets, run and manage nodes, pay or own crypto, or even understand blockchain technology at a deep level.

Instead, they rely on the familiar concept of always-on JSON-RPC API, accessed via HTTPS endpoints using common techniques and tools.

This is currently delivered as:

  • Public SaaS which consists of a cloud infrastructure which operates a publicly-accessible end-point.
  • Software solution to build a SaaS offering (with a set of public or private end-points) for those who require guaranteed levels of service.

Users can leverage a companion npm library that facilitates the creation of requests, authorisation and endpoint discovery, but can also implement their own logic towards constructing the requests.

Currently, traditional software providers face multiple challenges integrating blockchain into their solution architecture – namely:

  • Lack of technical domain knowledge in blockchain, and specifically Polkadot and its parachains. Diversity in the ecosystem makes this challenge even more significant.
  • Comparatively immature blockchain enterprise software stack, absence of developed middleware solutions and cloud services which are ‘a given’ in the traditional layered enterprise architecture.
  • Traditional businesses’ compliance, legal and accounting incompatibility with crypto, especially with staking or custody of crypto-funds.

The Aventus Polkadot Gateway solution would address these challenges by offering a scalable and highly available platform, which can be run by individuals and organisations for private consumption or as a public service, thus enabling the emergence of a decentralised industry of API infrastructure providers which will underpin the growth in hybrid web2/web3 applications.

We would appreciate any feedback from the Polkadot community on this proposal. You can view the full proposal and share your thoughts here.

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