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January 25, 2023

Tech Chat: Deep Dive into Aventus Roadmap Q1 2023

With 2023 well underway, our tech team gives a sneak preview into their roadmap for the first quarter of the year:

Deepen integration into Polkadot ecosystem

  • Engage with Polkadot development and business community to expand the range of AvN-integrated Polkadot applications and services.
  • Expand coverage of Aventus technology and service offerings to the rest of Polkadot, to become a convenient “gateway platform” into the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Integrate AvN as a parachain into polkadot.js dApp so users from the Polkadot ecosystem can use a familiar interface to browse the network.

Develop AvN RPC service

Enable enterprise-grade public and private RPC interface to the AvN to provide independent access to the network by third parties by downloading and running nodes in their environments, while maintaining the security of the AvN.

Enable AvN Gateway split-fee payments

For many high-volume business use cases it is challenging to maintain wallet balances for individual accounts for financing their transactions (paying network and gateway transaction fees). The goal is to support fee payments through a designated ‘treasury’ account.

Open-source AvN

Provide a means for the Aventus community to review, quality assure and contribute enhancements and bug fixes by further expanding the scope of open sourced modules.

Decentralise governance of AvN

The goal of this initiative is to bring AvN governance process to the state in line with the general level of community governance in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Evolve Consortuim AvN offering

Make improvements to the AvN technology stack to further increase its suitability for enterprise use as a turn-key product or service.

AvN quality assurance

Further expand the automated system to cover more AvN Marketplace functionality, and create automation for the load-generator based regression testing of AvN blockchain technology.

In addition to these broad goals are several client specific and confidential product development goals. Follow our social channels to be the first to hear exciting announcements over the coming months.

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